March/2001 – Foundation of Zupi Design Studio

Zupi Design was created to offer a multidisciplinary work to a number of clients from Brazil, United States, Australia and other countries. Besides the creative potential, the studio stands for its creative performances in events, editorials, special projects, curators, design works, image consulting, marketing strategies, content management and press office.

Developing a number of visual identity works for clients like Whertein Buildings, Ahead Inssurence, Rita Mor, IH Bandicoot and Sydney, the studio strives to offer creative solutions to market communication problems.

March/2002 – Zupi Virtual Magazine

Built to promote Brazilian design and work as a space for new talents worldwide, the portal is updated daily with information and works by new artists. Now online for eight years the virtual magazine receives an average of 10,000 visitors per month, becoming our flagship business and leading the creation of all other products and projects.

Through the website sections Internet, News, Fame, Portfolio, Top Sites, Magazines, Books, Hardware and Software, it opens space for discussions and news on current issues related to contemporary design practice. In addition, events, exhibitions and competitions are published daily at

March/2005 – Zupi. is. Art Collection

The collection Zupi is Art was released on early 2005, being the first print publication by Zupi, released to celebrate the three years of Zupi Virtual Magazine. It gathered 40 authorial works created specially for the project by designers, bringing design and computer graphics tendencies.

It is made of 21 loose slides on format 12x14cm, with works on both front and back and information about the participant artists, from diverse countries. The collection was re-released on 2006, wrapped by a new plastic package made of unbreakable polypropylene.

April/2005 – Experimentos Exhibit

Placing graphic design face to face with the great Brazilian public, Zupi organized the Experimentos exhibit, showing big panels with the projects featured on Zupi is Art collection.

Passing through São Paulo at the galleries Senac Lapa Scipião, Museu da Imagem e do Som and Design & Graphic Center, and through Rio de Janeiro at ESPM, the showing was curated by graphic artist Allan Szacher, responsible for the Zupi is Art project.

Just like the print collection, the exhibit revealed new tendencies on visual culture, drawing a parallel between art, aesthetics and balance and showing the essence of design.

May/2005 – Zupi Shop

Zupi Shop was born to offer students and creative professionals high quality art, books and magazines. Recently updated, today Zupi Shop also offers limited and customized products, such as t-shirts, posters, buttons, key rings, original art and toy art, among many other differentiated products. In addition, there you can find Zupi and Voxel print magazines, as well as other publishers’ magazines.

October/2005 – Pixel Show

Pixel Show is a art and design conference, idealized and organizes by Zupi, being the first brazilian initiative towards creativity and passion for design. Since its first edition at São Paulo’s Image and Sound Museum, the conference brings to the brazilian audience the possibilities that combine good ideas and technology.

Pixel Show gathers professionals from the fields of Graphic Design, Web Design, Television, Film and Illustration on a circuit of lectures and presentations during two days. The event name alludes to the little color units that give shape to computer graphics. Those images, when combined and programmed, compose texts, drawings and movements on the screen, working as the raw material for graphic artists’ work.

From the 2005 edition to the 2006 edition, the number of lectures doubled and the location was bigger, in order to receive 500 people per day. The event has brought lectures from designer Ana Starling, Raffic Farah, Rodrigo TEÇO, Carlos Bela, Guilherme Marcone, Marcelo de Moura, Alexandre Wollner and Glauco Diógenes, among many others.

May/2006 – Zupi Print Magazine

Due to requests from Zupi audience, the print version of the magazine was released on May of 2006, being the first Brazilian magazine to focus on contemporary art. The magazine is released quarterly, besides two special editions per year, and is distributed on newsstands and specialized stores in several states of the country.

The magazine brings new concepts on content approach, focusing on images and artistic and authorial works by emerging professionals and artists. On the very first issue, Zupi magazine brought the works of graffiti artists Os Gêmeos, furniture designers Campana Brothers, german illustrator Lulu*PlasticPirate among other artists.

The main idea behind Zupi Magazine is to show, on each issue, quality content about art/illustration, as well as to open space to worldwide works on the Gallery section. The other sections are Books, Fresh Meat (dedicated to new talents), Inspiration, Ambient, Guest Artist and Portfolio, which conducts interviews with celebrated artists, showing the reason for their success: their work.

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