Frequently Asked Questions

P – Where is Zupi at?
R – Zupi is proud to be Brazilian and is located in São Paulo, although it has editors and sub-editors living in other countries.

P – I would like to know more about my rights as an artist. By submitting to Zupi my work, who owns the image?
R – According to Brazilian and international laws, the owner of any image is its creator. If your work is selected, we will get in touch with you to gather data for the credits publication, as well as the work on high resolution. Sending the image, you will be agreeing and giving us permission to publish it on Zupi Magazine, both on and offline. That doesn’t take away the rights from the author, and we will not use the creations on other projects and publications without the proper authorization from its owner.

P – My website URL wasn’t published. Why?
R – Our editors have personal tastes and favorite styles. If your website is well-designed and if the project proposes ideas similar to ours, it surely will be featured on our sections Top Sites or Top Links (Radar). It’s simple! We can’t satisfy everybody, although we try our best.

P – Can I send a cover?
R – Sure you can. You can submit your ideas anytime, from anywhere. Just keep in mind that every work sent rigorously evaluated, so just a few get to be published. Work hard and send us your most creative work. The covers must follow these requests: minimum 680×430 pixels, 72 dpi, RGB. We are waiting for your work! Good luck!

P – I’d like to know more about the FAME section.
R – Zupi is now a community. Every artist featured on the FAME section can be seen. You only have to register on the website, choose your avatar, upload your images and create folders to show everyone your portfolio.

P – I sent an e-mail for the evaluation of my site, why hasn’t it been answered?
R – We receive a lot of links from worldwide. It’s hard to check all of them and answer every e-mail received. But we strive to answer them all and keep the site updated.

P – Where can I get the Zupi logo?
R – If you look at the bottom righ corner of the main page, you’ll find a link to download our logo on .EPS, for both MAC and PC.

P – Can you host my website?
R – Yes, we can. We have a diverse number of hosting plans, you can check them at the website

P – Can I use images, illustrations and texts by Zupi on my site?
R – R – Sure, why not? We love to have our work appreciated! Just remember to put on the credits as well, for the artist, the writer and Zupi (don’t forget to link to our site). If you asked for our permission before publishing, it would be even nicer!

P – Can I have a mail account
R – Unfortunately no.

P – How do I get my work published on Zupi?
R – The first step is registering on the FAME section and uploading your works. If our editors say they find your ideas very different and innovative, we will publish your portfolio along with an interview at the site. There’s also other ways to be featured, as you can send your work directly for evaluation to You can find more information about it at the magazine hotsite:

P – Why design websites are so alike?
R – We weren’t the first ones to create a website focused on design tendencies, and won’t be the last either. But we work hard to bring exclusive and free content to our audiences in Brazil and worldwide, while working as a space for the promotion of new artists. There’s also the Zupi Shop, our exclusive online store, full of products created by Zupi and participant artists, like pieces of art, magazines, toys and t-shirts.

P – Rules about comments on Zupi Portal.
Zupi’s new website now has comments on the articles. This area is reserved to the debate and discussion of themes related to the article. To write there, you must know and follow these rules:
– Although they don’t go through any evaluation process, messages containing bad conduct or insults will be removed.
– You’d better think twice before writing, as we won’t remove your message (unless it breaks these rules), in order to keep the meaning of the discussion.
– The author will take full responsibility for the content on his/her comments.
– Comments not related to the discussion, containing advertising or bringing personal matters will be removed
– Every spam will be rejected. Messages containing other blogs updates, personal sites, links etc., may also be rejected.
– Agressive messages and personal attacks will be removed. The moderator is sovereign and will not discuss his methods and criteria.

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